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For more than 30 years we have been delivering world-class construction and we’ve built many lasting relationships along the way.

We’ve matured into an industry leader and trusted resource for those seeking quality, innovation and reliability when building in the U.S.


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Urban Planning

At first glance you can undoubtedly acknowledge that Urban Planning is what distinguishes newly-built cities from the old-established ones.


Architectural Engineering is the application of the latest scientific knowledge, engineering principles, and meticulous technology to designing and constructing buildings.


Bringing your dream design into real life is the work of structural engineering. It is the main reason why buildings remain in place and bridges are steady the way they are.


Simply put, electromechanical engineering is piecing together what is believed to be of a mechanical and electrical nature.

Sanitary & Environmental

Tackling environmental concerns and mitigating man-made hazards have been of paramount importance for improving the habitat, and this is exactly what sanitary and environmental engineering is for.

Implementation Supervision

CEB provides implementation supervision services in accordance with the project assigned, that involves preparing and implementing a plan that is able to monitor and provide all the necessary directions and clarifications.

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30 Years Experience

For 30 years, CEB developed hundreds of different architectural projects and supervised the construction of private and governmental entities of various fields and sizes across the country.

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